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Wrapz Eyewear

CONDOR Photochromic Transition Sport Sunglasses Crystal Black

CONDOR Photochromic Transition Sport Sunglasses Crystal Black

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Wrapz Condor
Crystal Black TR90 Flex Frame with Photochromic Lens
Category 2-3 lens
(General use)

The Wrapz Condor is designed specifically for driving, golf and sport.
The lightweight TR90 Flex frame (22g) is a excellent for those who wish to wear their glasses for a long period.
The flexibility of the frame ensures comfort with no  pressure points which eliminates irritation and headaches.

The frame is Crystal Black, This is a semi transparent material.
Photochromic Lens

  • The lens will darken from category 2 to category 3 depending on the brightness of the sun and UV rays. Please note this colour change only takes place outdoors as active ultraviolet is needed to trigger the gradual change. UV is often filtered by modern glass such as house glazing and car windows.
  • The colour change both light to dark and dark to light is gradual. You will not notice it when wearing the glasses which is how it should be.
The Condor has decentered optically correct lenses. These ensure that your eyes are not fighting poor quality lenses which is the main cause of headaches when worn for long periods. The lens has the the optical centre positioned in front of your eye rather than in the centre of the physical lens. This means you are looking through the perfect sweet spot of the lens, hence the name "decentered". This technology is rarely found in eyewear at this incredible price.

TR90 Flex Frame has superb flexibility and durability yet is extremely light
Weight 22g
Adjustable antislip nose bridge allows you to create the fitting to suit your profile.
Anti-slip injected temple inserts to reduce slippage.
De-centered, distortion free optically correct  lens.
Includes Microfiber Polishing Pouch

Suits Average and wide width face (136mm hinge to hinge)

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