About Us

Wrapz Eyewear was formed in 2013 and strives to bring affordable sunglasses to the UK market. Unlike prescription spectacles, sunglasses can only offer UV and wind protection along with the dulling or enhancement of available light. They don't alter the size or focal distance as spectacles would. Therefore the technology is limited no matter what name is on the side. Many brands charge huge prices just to have their name on the side, the technology is largely the same.

At Wrapz, all the superficial brand based costs are removed, leaving just a pure honest cost price for the product you are buying and not the name.


Wrapz Eyewear
c/o Rockin Goose
Primrose Cottage
Tern Ridge
Market Drayton

United Kingdom

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Tel: 07925 104275
Email: info@wrapzeyewear.com