Neoprene Floating Straps

The WrApz Head Strap is designed to help keep sports glasses in place on the head in active sport.
The strap slides on to the temples (arms) of most glasses with narrow to medium depth arms.
You then have the choice to slide the strap right up to the front of the frame to bring the strap up behind your head or position the strap at the back of the arms (near the ears) so that it is looser and means that should the glasses come off they will drop down to you shoulders rather than fall away totally.

Ideal for water sports.

Designed to float.
This strap is designed to float glasses up to a weight of 25g. This is the equivalent weight of many modern TR90 glasses frames.
Metal frame glasses are often heavier than this in which case they may not float but the sinking process will be significantly slowed the same applies with heavier prescription lenses.
During testing we managed to float glasses up to 30g and this would increase in salt water however the manufacturer will always understate the floating weight capacity.
If you are on the water and drop your glasses in having a full loop makes it much easier to retrieve glasses with a gaff or similar.

See a demonstration video of the strap here

Please note.
This strap is not designed for constant use in water such as a goggles strap.
It is intended for dry use and occasional wet use if sunglasses were to fall in water for example.