Lanyard System

The Wrapz lanyard system offers two options. One is simply to use the lanyard as a tightening mechanism to hold your glasses tight to the head during activity. Alternatively, it can be used when slackened off as a way to drop your glasses around your neck.

The rubberised tips stretch over the arms of your glasses. Then the toggle allows you to instantly adjust the tightness if the fitting behind the head.

The 75cm length is a much more generous length which makes it better when worn loose as your glasses can hang lower on the chest.

An addition to this is the floating tag. Unique to Wrapz this soft lightweight tag can be looped onto the lanyard even without removing the lanyard from the glasses. This tag then hangs at the back of the neck. Should the glasses fall in water they will float right up to a weight of 50g

Designed to be a universal fit for glasses or sunglasses.
Antislip Flexible Connectors (stretch to 15mm deep)
Wrapz Branded Knitted Cord.
Sliding anti-slip toggle allows user to tighten lanyard behind head or release so the glasses can be hung at the neck.
75cm total length
8 colours to choose from.
Three fitting options (see main image number 3)
1, Behind ear downwards. This means the connector sits behind the ear and is a good option if you wish to pull the lanyard tight behind the head with the toggle.
2, Before ear downwards.  A more traditional fitting that has the lanyard falling in front and then back under the ear.
3, Behind ear upwards.     Suited to glasses that have shorter temples (arms)
Wrapz Floating UK Tag. This can be fitted at the rear loop and is a 65mm x 55mm Neoprene floatation device double sided patriotic embellishment.
Designed to float glasses up to 50g in weight. (Average sunglasses weigh approx 25g, average spectacles about 35g)
Fitting the floatation device is easy. You simply push the back loop of the lanyard through the metal loop, then open the lanyard loop up and push the float back through. Then tighten. It takes seconds. This means you can use the float only when you need it and remove it quickly. The loop is a split ring so can be quickly added to a set of keys for convenient storage.
Please note: Don't confuse these with cheaper versions of the lanyard on the market. The cheaper versions are much shorter at around 60cm and can be easily identified as they are not Wrapz branded and will generally have a word such as "sport" or similar on them and won't have the floatation device .
Tip:  To slide on to rubberized glasses arms, wet the arm before fitting and the connector will slide easier.