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Wrapz Eyewear

8118 Polarised Photochromic Transition Fit Over Sunglasses Matte Black

8118 Polarised Photochromic Transition Fit Over Sunglasses Matte Black

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he Wrapz 8118 is a fit over style. Designed to fit over most prescrpition spectacles. The frame has an ingenious design where your normal spectacles sit on a special nose bridge. The maximum internal dimension (to fit your spectacles) are 140mm wide x 40mm deep. Typical spectacles such as those used in the photos to demonstrate are 135mm x 40mm. Remember when you measure the width you need to take the widest external dimension at the hinges. If your spectacles are alittle deeper they may still be OK but will drop slightly below the outer lens

The lens technology included is not only TAC polarisation but is also photochromic. This means the lens will darken from category 2 to category 3 depending on the brightness of the sun and UV rays. Please note this colour change only takes place outdoors as active ultraviloet is needed to trigger the gradual change. UV is often filtered by modern glass such as house glazing and car windows.

The colour change both light to dark and dark to light is gradual. You will not notice it when wearing the glasses which is how it should be. We include a test light (UV) that when held against the lens will produce a dark spot (see images) This shows how UV alters the colour of the Silver Hallide particles within the lens.

TAC polarised lens
Tri Acetate Cellulose lenses are scratch resistant to offer a more durable lens.
The polarisation filter is designed to reduce surface glare such as you would get from snow, water or wet road conditions. Superb to combat low sun surface glare.

This Single Lens is designed to flip up as seen in the photos.
Please note: The small side temple lenses in the arms are standard polycarbonate (UV400) and not photochromic.

Tac Polarised Photchromic Lens
Polycarbonate Frame
Fit Over Design
UV400 Protection
Internal Hinge to Hinge width - 140mm
Supplied with Wrapz Polishing Pouch
Includes Polarisation Test Card
(View the card through the lens and see the image complete)
Includes UV test light

Lens External - Grey (Cat 2 to 3)
Lens Optical - Grey (Cat 2 to 3)
Frame Colour - Matte Black
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