One of the most important considerations when choosing sunglasses is the quality and colour of the lens. For sports where the user needs accuracy, contrast and clarity or needs to wear the eyewear for long periods it is crucial to get this choice correct.

A common problem with wearing sunglasses is that the user complains of headaches after a period of time, which can be both frustrating and counterproductive. At WrApz® we put a lot of time and effort into eliminating this problem. The core of this problem comes down to the quality of the lens. For most people one lens looks very much like another but they can differ dramatically and it is this difference that creates fatigue problems for the user. Below are some important points about lenses and colour choices to help you find the best option for you.


Polarised Lens


Polarised lenses are different to standard sunglass lenses; they have a special film either sandwiched between two other layers of the lens or applied to the front of a lens. This special film eliminates the glare off surfaces like a pavements, roads, water and snow.

WrApz® polarised lenses use TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose) polarisation which is a multi-layered scratch resistant coating of Tri-Acetate Cellulose. TAC Polarised lenses are known for their super optical quality as well as their lightweight characteristics making them a preferred choice over acrylic lenses

TAC Polarised lenses ensure the complete and thorough elimination of glare, polarised light and harmful UV rays thus providing excellent eye protection. Its unique light absorption and molecular properties enhance contrast and depth perception whilst maintaining colour integrity and minimising eye strain making these ideal for all sports.

Oleophobic & Hydrophobic Coatings

Oleophobic & Hydrophobic Coatings

These coatings are developed to block oil and moisture respectively whilst increasing durability and weather ability. They block oil and moisture from penetrating the lenses making the surface not only smoother but easier to clean and less prone to smudging.  

Photochromic Lens


Sometimes referred to as a transition lens. This is a very advanced lens containing crystals that react to Ultraviolet light and change colour. WrApz® photochromic lenses start out as yellow when in dull conditions and changes to smoke grey in bright sunlight. All photochromic lenses have a life span dependent on use. You tend to find that the more they are used the longer the lenses will work.

WrApz® Photochromic lenses have been tested and react very quickly once they have been used for a short while. Initially the lens may take a few seconds to react but during continued use this will speed up. This makes them ideal for changeable conditions.

Photochromic lenses don’t work well inside cars as most modern windscreen glass filter the light that the lens requires to change colour.


A phrase you will see regularly when looking for sunglasses is "Full Wrap", this refers to the design of the frame but is also important when understanding the lenses that are fitted. A full wrap style has obvious benefits as it wraps around the profile of the face giving much better protection to the eyes against UV light, wind and flying debris. You will notice that a lot of WrApz® eyewear have this style of frame.

When we look at the lens we can then see that it also has a wrap around style. This is referred to as the “base” curve.  A base curve is a measurement of the curvature of the eye. Normally the eye has an 11 to 12 base curve. Most of WrApz® lenses are an 8 to 10 base curve, almost matching the eyes shape. The flatter the lens the lower the base curve number. 


The main component of our lenses is polycarbonate. This material offers extremely good optical clarity yet is also very strong and durable. For sunglasses to be used in sporting activity they have to pass what is called the "Drop Ball Test". This is where a half ounce metal ball is dropped onto the lens from a distance of 1.3 metres in a controlled environment. The lens must remain intact and without fracture. All WrApz® lenses meet this requirement.


WrApz® lenses are tested both at the factory and also by independent optical specialists in the UK to ensure clarity. It is this clarity that is crucial to the user. Imagine looking through a distorted glass window for a long period of time. Your eyes are working hard to try to correct the distortion. This is when fatigue sets in. With a distortion free lens this issue is eradicated.

All WrApz® lenses are decentered. This means that purest "sweet spot" within the lens is moved away from the geometric centre (mid point) of the lens and positioned in the optical centre directly in front of the eye.  


When we view the world our eyes are subject to the whole spectrum of colours. Whilst they might be pretty they don’t help when it comes to accuracy of vision. By filtering certain colours, (such as blue) from the spectrum we achieve a higher contrast. With a higher contrast it helps our eyes relax and be more efficient. It is this high contrast that makes WrApz® glasses excellent for sports such as golf or shooting where definition and accuracy is important.

Standard Polycarbonate lenses

All of our lenses are subject to the drop ball test and are decentred. This has the result of making them  optically correct, distortion free, scratch & shatter resistant. No polycarbonate lenses can be confidently described as totally scratch or shatter proof. All our lenses give 100% UVA, UVB  & UVC protection up to 400 nanometres 

Lens Colour


Brown A great all round colour. Good if you wear sunglasses for general lifestyle use. Also excellent for sports such as golf due its high contrast characteristics.
Grey Probably the most popular lens colour as it doesn’t increase the contrast as much a brown lens does. It filters all light colours equally making it good for most light conditions.
Yellow This colour is used in low light conditions and not for bright days. It maximises the available light and enhances the colours. It has very good contrast characteristics making it good for dawn, dusk or hazy days.
Clear A must have option for sports and applications when no colour filtering is required yet protection against UV, wind and dust is still required. Good for night time sports.
Mirror Also referred to as "Revo". This is a cosmetic treatment applied to the outer surface of the lens. It looks great and reduces the amount of light that passes through slightly more than its equivalent smoke grey lens would do due to the reflective characteristic.