Many people look at eyewear frames purely from a cosmetic point of view. However it is also important to be aware that frame technology can make a substantial difference to the performance of a pair of sunglasses. Often people say their sunglasses give them headaches when worn for a long period of time. Whilst this can be due to the lenses, the frame can have a lot do with this also.

A lightweight frame is the best option for those who wish to wear sunglasses for longer periods, such as drivers, golfers, anglers etc. The shape of the frame also makes a difference as some styles can cause "pressure points". This is where a poorly designed frame creates areas where the pressure is too intense. When wearing this type of frame for a long period time fatigue will start to set in.

At WrApz® we take a lot of time testing designs and considering weight and pressure points. In order to achieve ultra light weight frames that are also durable enough for the rough and tumble world of sport, TR90 Flex is the material used for the frame construction.

TR90 Frame Construction

TR90 Frame Construction

This Swiss technology thermoplastic is the material used in all of our non-metal frame sunglasses. Its flexibility, durability and light weight make it the perfect material for performance eyewear.

Interchangeable Lens

Interchangeable Lens

Some of our models feature interchangeable lenses which enables you to replace the lens with a different colour. These interchangeable styles all come with a hard storage case, extra lenses and a storage pouch for the spare lenses.

Adjustable Features

Adjustable nose pads are available on our glasses. A great feature for customising the fit of your glasses. They are particularly beneficial with those with hard-to-fit faces and anyone who needs to accommodate long eyelashes. Beyond fit, adjustable nose pads allow you to modify airflow and ventilation behind the lens by providing the ability to increase or decrease the space between the glasses and your face

CE Approval

All WrApz® eyewear is tested and certified to meet CE approval.


Ultra Flexible

TR90 is extremely flexible. This is one of the reasons why our frames are so comfortable, Flexibility also contributes to durability and safety because a frame with high flexibility is more likely to absorb impacts and resist breaking.

Ultra Durable

TR90's durability is a by-product of its flexibility. A highly flexible frame is less likely to break under stress or impact than a more rigid frame

Ultra Lightweight

As with any piece of high performance equipment, weight is an important factor. TR90 is incredibly lightweight, which contributes to the comfort of our eyewear and the tendency to forget you are wearing them.

Hydrophilic Anti-Slip features

All of our TR90 frames have anti-slip nose pads and temple tips. This helps keep your eyewear secure in wet weather or conditions when there is moisture such as sweat, water and snow.