TR90 Frame Construction Polarised Lens Photochromic Lens

A next generation model featuring a new advanced lens along with everything else you have come to expect with the WrApz  brand such as our TR90 Flex frame, anti-slip adjustable nose bridge and anti-slip temple inserts. We have incorporated a completely new lens technology, which is both Polarised AND Photochromatic. The combination of these technologies make this pair of WrApz ideal for all outdoor sporting activities especially those based on or near water. 

RRP £49.99

Frame Colours

Trailbreaker PC Logo Matte Black Gunmetal
  • Matte Black / Photochromic Colour Changing Lens (Cat 2-3)
  • Gunmetal / Photochromic Colour ChangingLens (Cat 2-3)


  • Ultralight TR90 flex frame
  • Polarised photochromatic lens
  • Full Filtration to 400nm
  • Distortion free optically correct de-centred lens
  • Anti-slip injected temple tips
  • Griptech™ anti-slip adjustable nose pad
  • Open bottom frame design
  • 2 frame colour options
  • Ultralight 24g