TR90 Frame Construction

If you are wearing sunglasses for a long period of time it is essential that they are comfortable with no pressure points in order to avoid tension and eye strain.

Condor a new style from WrΛpz® for 2015 fits this criteria exactly. Condor are sunglasses with attributes you normally associate with higher priced glasses, designed in the UK to reduce pressure points ensuring comfort for both sport and leisure.

The G15 lens is a specialist lens originally developed for aviation use. Due to restrictions pilots should not wear polarised lenses because of being able to view instrumentation correctly . However air force pilots were suffering with headaches from prolonged glare using normal sunglasses. The G15 lens was developed by adding the colour green to the lens. The number 15 referred to 15% of light being allowed through. This meant that the lens not only stopped 100% UV but eliminated 85% of the glare without having to be polarised. The result in modern sunglasses such as the new Condor is that it is excellent for sports such as golf or for driving where long periods of wear are required.

The Condor has decentered optically correct lenses. these ensure that your eyes are not fighting poor quality lenses which is one of the main causes of headaches when worn for long periods. The lens has the optical centre positioned in front of your eye rather than in the centre of the physical lens. This means you are looking through the perfect sweet spot of the lens. Hence the name "decentered", This technology is rarely found in eye wear at this incredible price.

RRP £19.99

Frame Colours

Trailbreaker PC Logo Gloss Black  Burgundy  
  • Gloss Black / Smoke G15 Lens (Cat 2/3)
  • Burgundy / Smoke Grey Lens (Cat 3)


  • Ultralight TR90 flex frame
  • 2mm polycarbonate lens
  • Full Filtration to 400nm
  • Distortion free optically correct de-centred lens
  • Anti-slip injected temple tips
  • Griptech™ anti-slip adjustable nose pad
  • Open bottom frame design
  • 2 frame colour options
  • Ultralight 22g