Phil Windsor - WrApz® Ambassador (Marathon Runner)

An Outdoor obsessed exercise freak. Phil seizes any opportunity to get outdoors and train whether its running the Snowdon marathon, a bit of Ice climbing, fast and furious single track on the mountain bike, or a gentle kayak along the canal, outside is where you'll find him.

Being constantly outdoors in a variety of environments including snow, water and dry land makes Phil the perfect tester for the WrApz® products.

"While running you require any eyewear to look good, be light and comfortable and more importantly stay in place, nothing worse than having a pair of glasses that jump up and down when you are running for 3 hours plus."

This year Phil is taking part in an epic challenge called FairFewMiles ( which involves cycling 1080 miles from John 'o' Groats to Lands End en route hiking the National 3 Peaks and then Kayaking 110 miles from Devizes to Westminister over 14 days. This will certainly put the WrApz® products through their paces.

Kayaking is another area where WrApz® products excel. When paddling into the sun the reflection off the water means polarised lenses are really important for seeing all the barges and swans! Phil is hoping to end his streak of bad luck of losing his glasses in the water by using a WrApz® neoprene strap, which acts as a floating aid.

WrApz® Mission Statement

  • "WrApz® is a UK based eyewear brand established in 2013. It’s mission is to become a globally recognised eyewear brand by developing quality sports eyewear that both looks and feels good for all year round use at affordable prices"

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