Lee Markham - WrApz® Founder

Lee has been a keen angler for many years and has fished all over the world in all forms of the sport from match fishing in the UK through to big game. Lee's favoured angling foray became the Salmon filled streams of Alaska where he worked as a professional Salmon Fishing Guide.

Since 1997 Lee has explored a lot of the 49th State and eventually worked as a professional Salmon fishing guide in some of the most prolific wilderness rivers to be found in Alaska. This level of sport has high demands on eyewear where light conditions change rapidly and sessions at the river can last for many hours and can be intense. Lee's experience has been highly valued when developing the range at WrApz® to bring genuine useable sporting eyewear at affordable prices.

"When fishing long hours especially at the change of light no single piece of eyewear covers every aspect, it is like having a pair of trainers that will help you win the hundred meters final and also climb a mountain. There has to be an element of sense applied. The demands are simple, in the changing light of dawn or dusk when the fish are on the bite you need a lens that will extract the maximum amount of available light. This is where the yellow lens comes into its own. Then think about fishing in the bright sun maybe because you are working an incoming tidal flow at mid day or match fishing, you need a darker lens because the yellow would be too intense. If specimen fishing and stalking Carp, Pike or Salmon you need to be able to cut through the surface glare so a polarised option is ideal."

"When fly fishing in windy overcast conditions you need a clear lens to protect you from the hooked fly that is going past your head at high speed that could cause serious damage to the eye if caught by a gust. When you add all of this up, no single pair of glasses will do all these things well. Photochromic lenses are great and the Trailbreaker photochromic changes from yellow to smoke grey in seconds, but if you add polarised filters to a photochromic lens it limits the performance of both features. Would you try and fly fish with a deep sea rod and reel? Of course not, and the same logic applies to eyewear. I use the Trailbreaker polarised for when I really need to spot fish and features under the water. I use the Trailbreaker photochromic as a good all rounder and for those blustery dull days, and when fly fishing I use the Interchangeable option with the clear lens for protection. The beauty of the WrApz® range is that I can get all three of these specialist sunglasses for less than I might pay for one pair of another brand and they do the job right at a professional level."

WrApz® Mission Statement

  • "WrApz® is a UK based eyewear brand established in 2013. It’s mission is to become a globally recognised eyewear brand by developing quality sports eyewear that both looks and feels good for all year round use at affordable prices"

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