Damien Postlethwaite - WrApz® Founder

A keen mountain bike enthusiast with over 12 years experience in the field. Damien has enjoyed taking part in a large number of mountain bike races and endurance events over the years including the infamous Mountain Mayhem and Sleepless In the Saddle 24 hour events.

With frequent visits to all the popular mountain bike trail centres including Llandegla, Coed-y-Brenin, Afan Forest and Gisburn, Damien is no stranger to the constant challenges of finding the right type of eyewear for the varying conditions out on the trail. Working on WrApz® has enabled Damien to contribute to developing eyewear that is both affordable and ideally suited to both mountain biking and road cycling.

"We developed Trailbreaker as an all round piece of eyewear but it has some features that are ideally suited to mountain biking. The vented Lens really does make a difference with helping to stop the glasses misting up in those tough conditions when your tackling the steepest of climbs. The transition lens option is fantastic for those trails when the singletrack constantly takes you in and out of the forest on a bright sunny day. It was always at the back of my mind that there should be an affordable solution to the problem of constantly riding between dark and bright areas and this is where the Trailbreaker comes into its own... it does the job superbly."

"Having also recently taken up road cycling approximately 3 years ago and taken part in many Charity events such as the Tour Of Britain Stoke stage and having ridden hundreds of miles in Europe I realised that my eyewear for mountain biking wasn't always suitable for wearing whilst on the road bike. This is mainly due to the different riding position."

A constant gripe with all the popular brands and models of sunglasses is that the top edge of the frame always obscures some of the field of vision. I wanted to develop a pair of sunglasses that solved this problem and so we have the Pelaton X3 where we have removed the need for the frame altogether. It is often said that the most simple solution is the best and the Pelaton X3 with it's frameless design is an excellent example of this. The three lenses available can easily be switched by unclipping the arms and re-clipping to another lens.

WrApz® Mission Statement

  • "WrApz® is a UK based eyewear brand established in 2013. It’s mission is to become a globally recognised eyewear brand by developing quality sports eyewear that both looks and feels good for all year round use at affordable prices"

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